A Ride on the Quiet Car

by John Grant

Be Still and Know That I Am God.” Psalm 46:10

Hastily I finished my last appointment on Capitol Hill and made a mad dash for Union Station and not a minute too early, as I arrived one minute before the Acila Express left for New York. I presented my ticket and walked at a fast pace down to Track 15, where I jumped aboard the first Business Class car available. After stowing my luggage I settled in my seat just as the train slowly pulled out of the station. My cell phone rang and just as soon as I began the conversation a lady a couple of rows forward turned to me with her finger to her lips and pointing to the sign overhead which read “Quiet Car.”

The sign explained the rules of the Quiet Car: no talking, no cell phones, no standing in the aisles. In other words, that translates to be quiet and be still, so reluctantly, I did. Where I would normally pull out my lap top, do mail and make phone calls, now about all I could do was sit, read, watch and listen, and I did a little of each.

First, I took out my Encounter devotional and my Bible and proceeded to pour through the scriptures. I just sat back and listened. Listened to God and listened to my inner self. I spent a lot of time looking out the window. A record snowfall had turned the countryside in to a winter wonderland. What a sight as the train picked up speed and we traversed the countryside of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I saw God’s majestic hand in the beautiful ice formations and in the drifts of snow. It was as if I could see God himself. It was an awesome quiet time and when the train pulled into Penn Station, I got off a rejuvenated man, all because I had jumped on the Quiet Car.

The experience on the train last week has given me a lot to think about, He is asking: “How are you with your quiet time?” I was again reminded of the need for a quiet time just yesterday as I checked into a hotel. When I got off the elevator, a large sign greeted me informing that I had entered a “Quiet Zone“, where no children, leisure groups or circus animals will be assigned. It further instructed that in this area there would be no loud TV, no slamming of doors and no loud singing in the shower.

God’s quiet time formula is much like His stewardship formula: “The more you give, the more you receive.” I have found that when I do carve out a time for God, preferably at the beginning of the day, though at first my schedule says I don’t have time, I have to respond and make time. And. When I do, somehow God always stretches my schedule and I am more productive than ever.

This is my busiest season of the year and so easy to shut God out of the schedule, but all the more reason for the Master to gently remind me, whether through a sign on a train or in a hotel, every day we need to be reminded to spend time with Him and then pull apart before you fall apart. I highly recommend a ride on the Quiet Car, actually or symbolically every day in every life.

(a thought on life from John Grant)

John Grant is a former Florida State Senator and is a practicing attorney. He is an active writer and frequent speaker. He can be reached by e-mail at [John.Grant@johngrant.net]

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