Let’s Be Clear About This


devotional on being clear

Washed in the Blood of the Lamb, surrendering it all, dying to self. The phrases that mean so much to us often confuse the world. Nothing new. The disciples didn’t get it at first either.

Recall what happened at Pentecost? In the first chapter of Acts, the disciples received the Holy Spirit and were able to speak in a language people understood. They themselves began to understand what Jesus had told them when He walked on earth. Things became, as we say, crystal clear.

It is easy for us on this side of the resurrection to wonder why the ones who travelled with the Lord for three years were so dense when it came to His message. But at one time, most of us were as well. Even if we were raised in the faith, it wasn’t until the Holy Spirit touched us that we truly began to see; the window to our soul was wiped clear.

Remember this when you feel prompted to speak with non-believers. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the words and to provide them with the spiritual ears to listen and understand. Perhaps what you are saying will become clearer. If not, smile and leave the rest to God.

Lord, send Your Spirit to interpret for us the faith, the way and the Truth that is so dear to our souls. We desire to spread the Good News to others. Guide our thoughts, actions and tongues so Your message becomes clear. Amen.

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

By Julie Cosgrove

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