But where is the lamb for the burnt offering?Genesis 22:7

If I was Isaac, I would have been freaked out right about the time that his father Abraham tied him up and laid him on wood on the altar. I think I would have been yelling, “I’m too young to die!”

Yet Isaac was a strong young man and his father was old, over a hundred, so he could have most likely overpowered him and gotten away. But Isaac didn’t. He trusted his father.

Abraham’s great faith to sacrifice is only son is often mentioned, but what about Isaac? Isaac had great faith in his father Abraham. Abraham had said to him that God himself will provide the lamb.

We learn later in Genesis 22 that God was testing Abraham and stopped him from sacrificing Isaac. Not a whole lot is said about Isaac. What about Isaac having seen the knife raised above him? Isaac willingly sacrificed himself that day.

Sometimes I feel freaked out at the circumstances in my own life.

I wonder where is the cure for my husband’s cancer? How will we make it through the next six months of therapy? Genesis 22:14 reminds me that “The Lord Will Provide.” Just as Isaac trusted his father, I desire to trust God.

Lord, I want to trust you when things in life seem impossible, don’t make sense and even seem scary. Thank you for the reminder that you are one who provides. You, God, are the one who is in control. Amen.

By Jan Stewart
Used by Permission

Request: Will you pray for healing for Jan’s husband, and for others facing seemingly impossible situations?

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