All What?

When I look at these words of Jesus, I feel overwhelmed. How do I possibly reach everyone in the world?

“He [Jesus] said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  Mark 16:15

“Jesus told us to tell all creation,” I said. “No, it doesn’t say that! Creation? All the little critters?” laughed Mark, my husband. I flipped open my Bible to Mark 16:15, pointing to the verse and showed him. “See, preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark looked at the verse, then at me, “OK, but it means to all people.”

When I look at these words of Jesus, I feel overwhelmed. How do I possibly reach everyone in the world? I am not a preacher, nor do I travel around the world. I began to pray and ask the Lord how this could relate to me.

As I wondered what preach could mean for me, I looked for a definition. defines preach as: to proclaim or make known good tidings, to profess, pronounce, expound. I learned that any time I speak or write to someone about what God has done in my life this further expands the gospel for them. For example, in May 2021, God answered prayer with our oncologist’s news – Mark is cancer-free after two and a half years of treatment and prayers.

Also, I realize as I go for walks and see people around me, I can view them as part of the creation God has made. People respond to friendliness, such as a smile, a wave, taking the time to ask how things are going in their life. For me, anyone who comes into my path is the “all creation” that the Lord God wants me to preach to.

Telling others what God has done recently for you is a good thing. As you reflect on how God is at work in your daily life and you repeat words of gratitude to the Lord, your story will unfold to tell every creation you encounter. Life is hard, but Jesus gives you a purpose, which is to go and to tell what he has done.

Lord God, help me to reach out to all people around me to pray for them, share your love and good news. May I see people from your perspective. Help me to fulfill what Jesus wants me to do. Amen.

Take the time to talk with people around you. Maybe God will direct the conversation in such a way that you can share with them the good news about Jesus.

By Jan Stewart
Used by Permission

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