Prayer to Thirst for God

“O, God, You are my God, earnestly I seek You; my soul thirsts for You…” Psalm 63:1

Prayer to action this in my life:

Father in Heaven, Thank you that You are my God. Thank you that through opening my life to You I received forgiveness and life through Jesus.

Lord, I confess that often I do not seek You. I run breathlessly seeking to accomplish so many things. I cry out for Your blessing on what I undertake. I beg for Your help when I lose my way. I want Your strength when mine is gone. And You so graciously provide for me in all these ways. Your invitation is wide open to come boldly to Your throne of grace to find mercy and help in my time of need.

Yet I know You have so much more for me…

You have that cool drink that will satisfy my thirsty spirit.
You desire to lead me beside quiet waters and wash the dust off my soul.
You have joy to infuse into my being as I come to You in quiet contemplation of all You are.
To you, O God, I lift up my soul right now.
Restore to me the joy of knowing You.
Renew in me the commitment to spend time letting Your word soak into my heart and mind.
Refresh me with new understand of Your goodness and mercy in my life.
Refuel my soul with the filling and power of Your Holy Spirit.
Keep my heart thirsty for You, Lord and help me to seek you with my whole
heart. I love You Lord and I thank You for Your loving hand on my life.
In Jesus’ name I give You thanksgiving and praise as I come thirsty, amen.

By Gail Rodgers
Used by Permission

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