Are You Eager?

So, for my part, I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome.”  Romans 1:15 KJV

The love Paul felt for God and for other people compelled-obliged-him to preach to the Romans. Though he’d never met them, he felt obligated to God. That means he felt duty-bound to share the gospel so other people could know the love of God, know Jesus, and receive salvation and eternal life. Paul’s response to God’s love was love for Him through obedience and love for people so they could know of God’s love, too.

A very important point comes in this verse. Paul said he was “eager.” The word “eager” comes from a Greek word meaning ready and willing. Readiness is God’s part of the equation; willingness is a person’s side. Paul’s rabbinical training, his love for God and people, and God’s calling on his life made him ready. God gave what he needed to do the task to which He called him. That’s one side of “eager.” The other side of “eager” is willingness. Paul’s attitude and obedience to God’s calling showed him willing to obey Him.

Paul was ready, made so by God, and willing, made so by his heart and mind. God calls people to tasks for Him, but people often hesitate or say, “No.” A person’s fear, ambitions, or complacency causes that person not to be willing. God did His side of the eager equation; He made the person ready. That denying person did not fulfill his or her side and wasn’t willing to obey.

This is eagerness, acknowledging God’s preparation of us for His task and stepping out in faith with obedience to what God calls us.

Lord, please show us Your way and prepare us for the task to which you call us. Help us to be willing to obey Your calling and step out in faith knowing you have prepared us. Amen.

By Gail Davis
Used by Permission

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