Bring Your Anxieties to God

Read: 2 Kings 19:8-20

What do people do with feelings of anxiety? Aside from those who are medically diagnosed with anxiety disorders, fearful people tend to ruminate over potential scenarios and outcomes. They might rehearse the possibilities in their mind and take worries to bed, which keeps them tossing and turning all night. Or maybe they try to numb themselves with distractions or medication.

King Hezekiah had a legitimate reason to be anxious after receiving threats from the Assyrians, who had already conquered much of the region around Judah. But in the middle of that situation, he prayed. The king requested deliverance because he trusted in Judah’s covenant relationship with the Lord, who was sovereign over heaven and earth. Hezekiah also knew the Almighty’s desire to be known by all nations as the one true God.

God wants us to bring Him our worries just as the king did—then He can calm our anxious burdens with His peace, which surpasses all comprehension (Philippians 4:6-7). And today we have advantages that weren’t available to Hezekiah. Instead of waiting for a prophet to deliver a message from the Lord, we have the completed Scriptures, which are God’s revelation of Himself, His works, and His ways. Through His Word, we learn to know and understand the Lord and His plans so we can pray more confidently.

As we spend time in the Scriptures, we increasingly see from God’s perspective. Then our prayers will be focused on what He wills rather than on what we want. Through this kind of prayer, our spiritual needs are met, and we can set aside anxiety to live in complete trust in the Lord.

By Dr. Charles Stanley
Used by Permission

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