Very Little Things

We need to trust God in the little things, and also in the VERY little things.” – George Mueller

Imagine – if possible – existing before anything else did.

Speaking galaxies into being.

Knowing the end from the beginning.

Loving those who hate and reject you.

Reaching out your arm of salvation to those same individuals.

Planning an eternal existence that can’t even be fathomed.

Writing your loved ones on the palm of your hand.

Never withdrawing your eyes from those you love.

Able to bear any burden.
Of any weight.
Of any size.

This is the Person . . . our God . . . who says numerous times in His Word:

“Trust Me.”  
“Trust Me with all your heart.”

What is “living by faith” but keeping our eyes on the greatness of our God and leaving our “little things” in His care?

He dwells “in the high and holy place.”  Yes.

But “. . .with him also who is of a contrite and humble spirit.” (Isaiah 57:15)

Since this is our God, let’s trust Him in “the little things.”

And also in the “VERY little things.”

by Bethany Hayes
Used by Permission

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