Love Notes and Never Forgetting

I keep a running list of love notes.
God’s love notes.

Because unless He keeps telling me He loves me, my human heart stops believing it.
I stop believing it, because I can’t fully comprehend His love.

His love is greater than my mind can wrap itself around and deeper than I can grasp.
So I keep reading His love notes.
Over and over.

Unless I do, His love gets lost in the incomprehensible. And I fail to believe it.

I forget that no one loves me as He does. Not one ounce of hatred exists in His heart toward me. No warm, fuzzy feeling could ever properly express His love.

And my human heart wants it to be warm and fuzzy.
It wants to feel loved. It wants His love to be a feeling.
But it’s greater than that.

His love is a reality of tenderness that acts—that stoops down in His greatness and fills every corner of our existence with His familiarity and presence.

His love is actions on our behalf that we didn’t ask for. And action we don’t deserve.

His love toward us is actions and gifts we will never deserve.
Eternal life.
A place in His family.
Sins forgiven.
Penalty paid.

His love isn’t fleeting circumstances that feel like a warm, fuzzy feeling from Him.
His love will carry us into eternity and keep us there.
His is love we didn’t deserve. He loves us with a love we could never comprehend.

So I keep reading His love notes.
Again and again.

Because unless I do, I forget. Because I don’t understand it.
It’s too high and incomprehensible.
It’s that amazing.


It’s a love He doesn’t want us to forget.

Because unless we are loved by Him, what kind of love would ever be enough?

Unto him that loved us . . . to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.” (Revelation 1:5,6)

By Bethany Hayes
Used by Permission

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