Crushed in Spirit

Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

When sadness and depression settles into one’s mind, heart, and soul, it is not easy to shuck the feelings off, break out of the rut, and move on as some may suggest or think. At times, inner despair remains regardless of the goodwill offered from those that care. If this sounds like you, realize you are not alone. Many others have or are currently battling with valleys of darkness too.

Are you aware that numerous men and women of the Bible struggled with sadness? Yes, God-believing people experienced depressed feelings, emotional grief, and times of despair.

  • Moses asked God to take his life (Numbers 11:10-15).
  • Job cursed the day of his birth (Job 3:1-26).
  • Jonah was angry with God and wanted to die (Jonah 4:3-9).
  • Hanna grieved because her womb remained closed for many years (1 Samuel 1:1-16).
  • Tamara, after her brother raped her, lived a desolate life (2 Samuel 13:1-21).
  • Naomi was filled with bitterness and pain after experiencing multiple hardships
    (Ruth 1:1-20).
  • Hagar sobbed in the desert as her son was about to die (Genesis 21:15-16).

There are multiple reasons why these people incurred feelings of despair, but only one awesome God that loved and helped each one out. Moses was overwhelmed so God appointed him some help (through his brother, Aaron). Job lost everything but God blessed him in his later years. After Hanna poured her heart out to the Lord, He opened her womb and she gave birth to a son. As Hagar cried in the wilderness, God provided for her and her child’s needs.

Sullenness can enter one’s life after defeat or loss, following a huge spiritual triumph, after committing sin, from the hands of someone else’s wrongdoings or poor choices, or even from a chemical imbalance. No matter what the problem or cause of people’s sadness, God is still ready and able to help His beloved children. He will go through great lengths to restore that which is broken and crushed in spirit. God’s Word says,

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”(Psalm 34:18).

If you are feeling down know that God is with you. He knows what you are going through and He does not want you to remain broken, crushed in spirit. Invite Him into every area of your life that needs healing. Allow His Spirit and word to comfort you. Reach out and let others aid and encourage you along the way too. Brighter days will transpire as you place your hope in the Lord and take the necessary steps He asks you to take.

Here is suggested prayer for today:

Father God, My feelings and emotions have been troubling me. I pray that You will restore me back to wholeness so I can live the joyful life You offer. I am sorry for anything that I have done that may have caused this downcast within me. I ask that You fill me with the Light of Your Spirit so I can arise from this state of gloominess. Fill me with Your joy and peace. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

By Barbara Alpert
Used by Permission

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