Alone with God

One day as Jesus was alone, praying….” Luke 9:18

He went higher into the hills alone.”  John 6:15

Human beings need to be alone with God.  Our fall consisted in our being brought, through the lust of the flesh and the world, under the power of things visible and temporal.  Our restoration through salvation is meant to bring us back to the Father’s love and fellowship.

We need to be alone with God, to yield ourselves to the presence and the power of His Holiness. Christ on earth needed it.  He could not live the life of a Son here in the flesh without at times separating Himself entirely from His surroundings and being alone with God.  How much more must this be indispensable to us!

Alone with God — that is the secret of true power in prayer.  There is no true holiness, no clothing with the Holy Spirit and with power, without being alone daily with God.

When our Lord Jesus gave us the command to pray to our Father in secret, He gave us the promise that the Father would hear such prayers and mightily answer them in our life before others.  What a privilege it is to begin every morning with intimate prayer.  Let it be the one thing our hearts are set on — seeing, finding, and meeting God alone.  The time will come when you will be amazed at the thought that one could suggest five minutes were enough.

By Andrew Murray
Used by permission.
From: ‘Teach Me to Pray‘, published by Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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