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Our website has a comment form on the bottom of all articles, devotionals and stories. We have many people yearning to know God or to grow in their faith. Many of these people would love to have an on-line mentor to help answer their questions and to pray for them. Would you consider this ministry opportunity?

What is a an Online Mentor 

An Explanation of Email Mentoring


Norman Brown talks about his experience with mentoring.

Let Me Be A River – A Mentor’s Story – Elfrieda Nikkel

A Mentor’s Impact – the story of Bob Prall

How do I Become a Mentor 

Volunteer Guidelines for Mentoring

Application Form To Become an Email Mentor

Reference Form To send to your Pastor, Priest or other mature Christian.

How To Send the Reference Form

Pointers and Tips for Mentors

What is a Spirit-Filled Life?

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Spiritual Oxygen – Are you getting it?

Topical links to help Mentors

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