Enlightened ‘God’ Moments

Our  Faith Journey Should be an Endless Awakening

Reset Button – confessing sin is like a reset button in our relationship with God

Personal Revival

We Plan – God Directs

The Generosity Habit

Ethical Standards –What are your ethical standards and convictions?

Do what you can – what would God like you to do for him today?

Lessons from Two Balloons

Words that Saved my Life: Lessons from Odd Places

A Little Self-Control Goes A Long Way

Confusion –When confusion prevails, then what?

Paradise Road– a story of shining your light

Honesty versus Dishonesty– a true story of buying cream at the store

Peace or Panic?

Open my Eyes– a lesson on spending time getting to know God versus just learning knowledge about Him

I Want to Know Him – do you long to know Christ deeply, in the depths of your soul?

Closed Doors, Opened Doors

Squeaky Clean

Cure for Cynicism

Fighting for good over evil. Are you a fighter?

Keep yourself in God’s Love

Self Esteem – A story of low self esteem and insights into how God wants me to view myself

Knowing God– are you enjoying knowing God?

Count it all Joy

Missions Trip. Not now!

Olga– a young communist that God was watching

Wait for the Lord

Worship– an example of how our family worships Christ at Christmas time

Don’t Complain

Don’t Limit Godin the ways that he speaks to you

What is your Standard of Living?

Fully Committed to God

Serving the Lord Wholeheartedly

Pressing On! – a lesson on focusing our eyes and goals on Christ

Pressing on towards a Goal – a story of how we accomplished a God given dream to create a web site.

Count your Blessings

Going to see the King

Heaven– How to be confident you will go to heaven when you die?

Are YOU Ready?

Attacks of the devil and enemy? How to combat them

Be Joyful. Can you be joyful for one whole day?

Cling to the Lord your God

Rush to Judge– a true story by Kathy Creek

Life Lessons and God

Broken but Made Beautiful

Something Beautiful of my Life

Blue Jays


For Sale

Home Coming in Heaven

We went on a Journey

Safe Place

All Kinds of Gates


When God interrupts

Get Wise

Why are the words that I use so important?



Practicing the presence of God

We are God’s hands and feet – a true story

Beauty out of Brokenness

The Gentle Christian

Sacred Romance

Grace to Keep on Yielding

Your Hands

Be Joyful

Thoughts on Worship

Pure Gold

Bride of Christ

Divine Appointment

Freedom of Forgiveness

Your Life – an example

Just like Jesus

Time and Place– do we have time for God?

The Joy of the Lord

Living Waters

In God’s LOVE

Keep Yourselves in God’s Love

How to Experience God’s Love

The Way of Love – I Corinthians 13

Discouragement and Hope

God Forgave our Sins, Past, Present and Future

Brevity of Life

Hope for those without Hope by Mike Woodard

Dealing with Despair…! Dark Moments of the Soul

Fear, Faith and Migraines– Renewing your mind can help renew your body

Painful Memories

Life’s Lessons Come From Unexpected Places.
by Mike Woodard

The Lord is my Helper

It is Not the End!

I Like to be Encouraged

Step by Step


Contentment– lesson from a broken ankle

Harsh Judgements Can Kill One’s Spirit

Thoughts about Salt and Life

Clean House – An allegory comparing sin and a dirty house from a sand storm.

The Stadium was Full

Radiant Woman

Lessons from Two Balloons

The Trust Factor

The Package – dealing with unexpected circumstances

Feelings, Forgiveness and Peace

He Isn’t Meeting my Needs!!

More than Helpful – a story about going the extra mile


Four Grizzly Bears – facing our fears

How Does He do It?

Holy Cravings

Dreams – Another Perspective

Reasons to be Thankful

Golf – I will never be a good golfer

I Believe…. some great thoughts

Why Worry Yourself Sick?

Surprised by Tears

Old Apple Tree story

Overflowing with Life!


Heaven on My Mind

My Neighbor’s Ducks – a story about loving your neighbour

Spilt Milk Story

Do I Really Believe?

They WILL Remember

Fear or Love?

What is the Father saying to you?

A Song in my Heart

Sergei Bojarinov – talks about how God renewed his marriage.


Hiding Place

Submission in Nigeria – women can’t look at men while speaking to them. Oh really?


Vera– a story about my friend’s salvation

When it is Cancer

G’day Ma’am – Keeping our conversations positive

A Perfect Day

Bomb Scare in India

Car Accident

A Tribute to Norma