Spilt Milk
by Katherine Kehler Share page

Always try to be kind to everyone” (1 Thessalonians 5:15)

The doorbell rang and I ran up the stairs to answer. What a surprise! Ava, our daughter’s college friend, was standing there. I hadn’t seen Ava for over 20 years. She looked the same - just a little more mature.

She had come to see our daughter, who wasn’t home, so she popped in to see us. Wonderful. We reminisced about the times she joined our family for weekends and she commented how she observed our “Christian family.”

She told me about a mealtime incident that left a lasting impression. We had small grandchildren by then and as you know, with toddlers, you usually have messes at mealtime. One of them split her milk. Ava, steeled herself - waiting to hear a barrage of impatient scolding and berating of the young child. But to her surprise, we consoled the child, moved the glass, cleaned up the mess and said comforting words to the little one.

This was such a big contrast to the home where she was raised, that she never forgot it. This incident helped her to recognize the difference Christ makes in a family.

People are watching us all the time. May God give us the grace to honor Him in all we do and say.

Father, by your grace and the enabling of the Holy Spirit, help us to be kind to everyone. Amen.

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