A Perfect Day
By Katherine Kehler Share page

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts . . .”
Colossians 3:15

A perfect day? What an interesting thought. Because my life is filled with demands from early morning to night, I have never thought about a perfect day. But I suppose for me it would be a day where I would connect with God most of my waking hours. I have never achieved this goal, but I continually strive toward it.

I have come closer to this aspiration  when on vacation, or when we move to a new location and my schedule is not yet filled. I had three years of  “not so busy” when we moved to an apartment near the ocean. During this time our baby grandson died, so spending hours in quiet reflection by the ocean was therapeutic.

My favorite place on the beach was a large, weathered piece of driftwood that was shaped like a comfortable old couch. I loved sitting there thinking about life — about God. 

This special spot was near a bird sanctuary, so I had the joy of observing a variety of bird life — ducks, cranes, Canadian geese, sandpipers, and many others. 

One blustery day, I watched a duck on the ocean waves. It didn't mind the stormy weather, but floated in perfect harmony with the rolling waves. The currents carried it up, down, and sideways and yet it remained calm, not resisting or flying away. Very peaceful.

Father, thank you for the quiet, reflective moments in our lives. Thank you for the peace you offer us. I pray that we would make more time to be reflective—to allow you to quiet our hearts. Amen


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