More Than Helpful
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“If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles
(Matthew 5:41)

Getting my car serviced is a job I try to get my husband to do. But sometimes when he is traveling, I don’t have a choice. I have to do it.

A light and the nozzle for the window washer had to be replaced. A part had to be ordered, it hadn’t arrived before he left on his trip, so I had to bring the car in to be repaired.

Every day I phoned to see if the part arrived and when it did, I brought the car in. Unsure of myself, I asked the parts department attendant, “Do I have to make an appointment in the body shop before I bring in the car?” He transferred me and I was able schedule an appointment to bring the car in immediately.

To walk into a service station is out of my comfort zone. So I asked the Lord for guidance and that I wouldn’t be treated as if I was stupid.

To my surprise, they couldn’t have been more helpful. They took me from one department to the other. They fixed the car without charging for the labor. They treated me with respect. They went the second mile.

It was an altogether pleasant experience. Service with a smile!

It made me determined to treat others the same way. Not to play up-man-ship if I know more about something then the person I am serving, but to be kind and go the second mile.

Father, enable us to remember to treat all people kindly. Help us to treat people with respect and go the second mile. Amen.

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