When it’s Cancer
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“Now glory be to God who by his mighty power within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of” (Ephesians 3:20)

Irene sent this story by email after she read my devotion called, When God Interrupts. She gave me permission to use her story about how God gave her peace and joy during her journey with cancer. God works differently in each person’s life. What He does in one person’s life does not necessarily mean He will do the same for you. He wants to minister to each of us in His own special way. Here is Irene’s journey:

“I had my routine mammogram in October 2001. Because my husband had been through four years of cancer (and is now healed, praise God) he urged me to get it done some years ago. I thought breast cancer was all hype, but I was soon to find out the reality of it.

“I was diagnosed in November 2001 and for the first three weeks I was in emotional turmoil. I realize now I was terrified of being out of control. The week of the operation in December I was so filled with joy and peace and I went through the operation the same way. The day after, I was up at 5:30am, feeling rested - like I had slept 24 hours. No pain, no discomfort, only peace and joy, which amazed all who came to visit me.

“I was sent home two days after the operation. Recovery was very slow, but the report said there was no cancer in the lymph nodes, though I had to have a mastectomy. That was hard; I was losing something that was mine. I felt I was having a baby taken away from me. But through lots of prayer, I came through very well. The oncologist later said, “No chemo, no radiation, no Tamoxifin.” Glory to God.

“A month later, God said this was not about me getting cancer but HIS way of answering my prayers for an opening into the general public. I’m retired so had no connection with anyone outside of the church. Now another friend just went through the same thing and is attending the same support group. So now there are two of us praying for other ladies. What opportunities - all for such a time as this - that we are entering into.

“Our God is an awesome God. My yearly check-up revealed everything is fine. I’ve healed up very well and have a prosthesis, so I feel normal once again, though I will never be “normal” again.

“I’m praising God and worshiping Him in singing and dancing. Oh, the glorious freedom we have in the Lord when we trust Him to work EVERYTHING out for good for those who are called by His Name. Hallelujah!”

Thank You Father, for loving us so much. You minister to us all in different ways. We love You - thank You for loving us so much! Amen.

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