The Powerful Reality
by Ruth Calkin Share page

The Powerful Reality

The powerful reality grips me, Lord

That when I kneel in your presence

To ask Your forgiveness

I am utterly stripped of facade.

You accept no big-name references

No high-caliber recommendations.

Extenuating circumstances

Crumble to the dust

In Your court of appeal . . .

I am forgiven never

Because of inherited tendencies

Or emotional discomfort

Or nagging weakness . . .

I can never pleade

Corrupt environment

Or life’s strange twisting

Or my own unbelievable stupidity . . .

Ultimately I have one solitary defense.

Only one---

But always one:

Forgive me, God

For Jesus’ sake.

Like a song unending

The words keep singing . . .

I am totally forgiven

I am constantly cleansed

Just for Jesus’ sake.

How to experience God's forgiveness moment by moment.

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