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October 2017 Monthly Statistics Report

November 1, 2017

Dear Partners,

“Feed my sheep” John 21:17

One evening while reading of Oswald Chambers devotionals, I read and reread one of his writings relating to the story of Jesus and Peter after one of His last suppers here on earth.  Jesus asked Peter several times, “Do you love me?” And each time Peter answered, “You know I do, Lord.”  And Jesus responded each time,” Feed my sheep”.

Feeding (teaching , discipling and mentoring) the followers of Jesus is of utmost important to Jesus.  When I read and reread this devotional, I was so thankful for all of YOU — working with the ministry of  Thoughts About God.  Writers, mentors, prayer-partners, donors, administrators, data entry, webmaster, recruiters – all of you are “feeding the sheep of Jesus”.  Thank you for doing what Christ says is so important. It is so rewarding to be able to win, build and teach people worldwide.

We also rejoice when we see how many people use these messages to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2), as shown in the email below.

“I love reading and learning from all your published sermons. it really helps me and my husband to teach our children. I would love to read a lot more. Thank you and we love you.”

We, as staff, thank you so much for being a partner with us.

Marvin and Katherine Kehler, Founders
Daniel Lee, CEO
Pat, June, Amanda


Visits to the Website
469,127 This is the number of people that visited our website. (includes devotionals & main website content)

1,060,187 is the number of web pages that were visited and this includes individual Devotionals.

Emailed Subscribers for the Daily Devotionals
17,317 is the number of people who subscribe to the Daily Devotions by Email

Received Christ
1,414 is the number of people that indicated that they prayed the salvation prayer

Holy Spirit Prayer
351 is the number of people that either rededicated their life to Christ or prayed the Holy Spirit prayer.

2,576 is the number of the emails that we responded to and/or mentored plus many more via the Message system on our Facebook Page.

Facebook Page ‘Likes’
2,296,646 is the total number of cumulative ‘Page likes’ on our Devotional Facebook Page.

‘Facebook Shares’
3,227 is the number of Devotionals that were shared (forwarded) from our Facebook page.

Other Social Media Followers – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
2,178 is the number of Devotional Followers we have, combined, on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Top 10 Countries: USA, Philippines, Great Britain, India, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Pakistan



I am so very thankful for the wonderful devotional that are in my email each and every morning. So inspiring and such a blessing! Thank you so much! NIGERIA

I prayed the prayers and I believe that God has forgiven my sins and I have receive Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. Thank u so much. NIGERIA

Thank you for the message on going to God to meet our needs. It has really corrected my perception on my husband and on God too. I have suffered loneliness in my marriage. I wanted to divorce and leave but I guess God has better plans. Thank you. PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Thank you for letting me know God, thank for everything .if u people were not there like I will be a sinner and teaching me right deeds. How can I be a fully born again Christian? GHANA

I feel desperate for God, I am frustrated by life and I need Jesus to take control. KENYA

I prayed this prayer from my heart and tears. I prayed for God to change my heart and take away my negative talk and thoughts and self defeating behaviour. Praise God bless you all. Amen. CANADA

When I prayed this powerful prayer I felt deep pain in my heart, my eyes started to be filled with tears. Praise God. I love Jesus Christ the Son of living God Almighty. SOUTH AFRICA

I want to know more about Jesus, and walk to Him. JAPAN

Am very glad to boldly accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I pray that he will strengthen my feet to never fall and continue to guide and protect me Through all my endeavors. Thanks. GHANA

I feel alive again and positive. NIGERIA

Thank you Jesus and welcome to my life to be my savior and my lord. GUAM

Oh! Lord! Please forgive me what I have done wrong, I will be sin no more I have decided to follow you Jesus. Please heal me from my weakness and to receive the Holy Spirit. Amen INDIA

I have always been a church goer but I know my relationship with God is not good enough and I just want to dedicate my life and hand over the wheel to him. NIGERIA

This prayer give me power and hope in life. SOUTH AFRICA

Very helpful especially principles starting from how God has shown his love to us despite our sinful nature. Jesus dying for us to have link with our lord and accepting him thereby bridging the gap between us and our Lord. Blessed. ZAMBIA

To me it was the grace of God to read online about following God, today I feel like a new person in salvation. SOUTH AFRICA

I pray the prayer and I believe am free now, because Jesus has set me free. NIGERIA

I find your presentation more interesting and I would like to repent and receive more lessons about God through our Lord Jesus Christ. SOUTH AFRICA

I feel lost most of the time. Sometimes feel I am getting lost. Can’t pray anymore. The desire for prayers some years back have shifted. I woke up this morning at exactly 4:30am n started pondering over life. Took my phone and googled “how know God”. I ended up reading your message and got moved by grace. I pray to secure a better job devoted in Christ that will guide me. U pray the good Lord will make me a better person. GHANA


Thanks for the wonderful message that you’ve shared and reminding me about the Word of God. I used to read the Bible, pray and go to church but nowadays I can stay a year without going to church though sometime I do pray and sometime I don’t have that energy even to thank God for the gift of life and the air we breathe. I want to come back to the heart of worship and seek God’s forgiveness …… Please remember me in your prayers as you pray for yourself and may God bless you. KENYA

I bless God for this word wisdom and prayer. May he continue using you to open up many ministries to us. UGANDA

If only all the people around the world apply the God’s words in day to day routine, I know every corner in different area around the world will experience peace & loving community. PHILIPPINES

I offer my life to Jesus Christ and ask him to forgive my sins, help me Lord to walk in your way. KENYA

This message really blesses my soul and as encourage me to return back to the place of loving God afresh. I thanked the Holy Spirit for leading me to read the words. I’ve come to know that it is loving God with all being that will give me peace in my home. Thanks for such a message like this. NIGERIA

I prayed this prayer from my heart and tears. I prayed for God to change my heart and take away my negative talk and thoughts and self-defeating behaviors. Praise God bless you all. Amen. ZAMBIA

I received the touch of God dis morning and reading and meditate on this word. NIGERIA

Thanks for giving me knowledge on how to start reading The Word of GOD. TANZANIA

This is the perfect prayer for me today!  This is exactly how I felt.   I am going to do just that……..let the Lord lead me. USA

God bless you for the good work you are doing you have changed my prayer life. KENYA

Am so grateful to come across such powerful teaching it’s really a blessing in my life may the almighty God bless u and give u more of spiritual wisdom in Jesus name. INDIA

I love this and pray that in my heart I find a place always to forgive just like Christ forgive me my sins. KENYA

I thank you so very much for feeding my soul and spirit with such great teachings and pray that one day I will be a great intercessor to people of the world as they bring forward their prayer requests and receive their answers through my interceding for them. ZIMBABWE

Am so grateful to come across such powerful teaching it’s really a blessing in my life may the almighty God bless u and give u more of spiritual wisdom in Jesus name. UGANDA

Love your postings. Discernment to realize God places roadblocks to help us practice patience to wait for the Glory of God to shine through! NIGERIA

I was struggling with unforgiving spirit since long . this has touched my heart and set me free. Hallelujah amen. PAKISTAN

Thank for that topic my life will never be the same again. Am encouraged to continue praying for God answers our prayer. God mightily bless you. KENYA

I would like to thank you for these teachings. I am a person who holds grudges if someone said bad about me or wronged me. May you kindly pray for me so that I can have faith and have a forgiving heart. Am praying too. ZIMBABWE

I really want to thank the Almighty God first for the wisdom given to you. I actually have peace in my marriage. My advice goes to those who have troubles in their marriages, they should acknowledge God first and value his ruler ship in their home, and peace shall return to their marriages in Jesus mighty name. NIGERIA

Great words on marriage. It’s a great honor that you have taken an initiative to show where it hurts in many marriages. This is a great lesson which couples need to hear and learn. God bless. KENYA


This article helped me more than I can describe. It helped me how to relate well with God and my partner, and how not to focus on my own wants and needs more than on God and my partner. NIGERIA

I am deeply touched the messages in this ministry. All along I have been looking for help in terms of my journey with the Lord. MALAWI

All these year I was in darkness. I now saw the light when learn more about Lord Jesus Christ. I am spiritually more hunger and wants to follow his commands and like to learn more about my Saviour Jesus. INDIA


This devotion really ministered to me. I live in Florida and Hurricane Irma brought destruction not to my home physically but relationally because of the stress. I am dealing with the after effects with my adult child. God led me to Psalm 3 and together with this devotional I am encouraged. USA

I am feeling pleasure by reading God’s words and enjoy daily life praying lord Jesus. Every day I am eager to read thoughts of God. I have to walk on lord’s direction. I have not read Bible so you send me two thought god for getting more knowledge about  Lord  Jesus.

I love your devotional articles! I look forward to receiving them every day, in fact, many days it is the only mail I ever read. It has help my perception of Christianity and how to follow Jesus a lot. LIBERIA

Wow you guys never gave up on me. After all this years, you’ve faithfully send me daily devotions.

I really appreciate what you’re doing. You’ve played a big role in my life. May the good Lord open new doors for you guys, to reach even more souls who will grow in wisdom and stature as we complete Christ. Glory be to God. Amen.

I love these short little devotions I have trouble staying focused, so these are great. Thank you and keep them coming. USA

I so enjoy the Thoughts for Today devotionals. They are uplifting and many times it is just the Word that I need to hear from God. Thank you for continual sending of these devotionals. It is food for my soul. USA

Love your postings. Discernment to realize God places roadblocks to help us practice patience to wait for the Glory of God to shine through! USA

I am so very thankful for the wonderful devotional that are in my email each morning. So inspiring and such a blessing! Thank you so much!  USA


Teaching Christians to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Inspiring Christians to believe that God is Almighty. Introducing people to Jesus Christ.

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Monthly Statistics Report – October 2017 – Thoughts about God Website