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June 2017 Report

June 2017 Monthly Statistics Report – Thoughts about

July 3, 2017

Dear Partners,

Happy Birthday, Canada!  How many times did you hear that phrase this past week-end? The celebrations were so uplifting.   We are proud to be Canadians.

In 1923, both of my parents (although they didn’t know each other) fled Russia and came to Canada by ship.  How thankful we are that the government of Canada allowed them to come make their homes here.

But people have changed. Even though Canada’s official motto is “He shall have dominion from sea to sea,” Psalm 72:8, the majority of Canadians don’t recognize Him as the Sovereign ruler.

Every evening I pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 for the Christians of Canada, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  Will you join us and pray for revival and spiritual awakening in our land and in every country in the world.

As you read over this Monthly Statistics Report for June you will see how God continues to bless our combined efforts to reach and teach as many people as possible. God is changing the hearts and lives of thousands of people, marriages are changed – and we thank Him that we can all be a part to help make this happen.

Until everyone has heard, we remain His servants,

Marvin and Katherine Kehler
Pat, Daniel, June and Amanda


Visits to the Website
496,609 This is the number of people that visited our website. (includes devotionals & main website content)

1,109,056 is the number of web pages that were visited and this includes individual Devotionals.

Emailed Subscribers for the Daily Devotionals
17,054 is the number of people who subscribe to the Daily Devotions by Email

Received Christ
513 is the number of people that indicated that they prayed the salvation prayer

Holy Spirit Prayer
673 is the number of people that either rededicated their life to Christ or prayed the Holy Spirit prayer.

902 is the number of the emails that we responded to and/or mentored plus many more via the Message system on our Facebook Page.

Facebook Page ‘Likes’
2,298,266 is the total number of cumulative ‘Page likes’ on our Devotional Facebook Page.

 ‘Facebook Shares’
11,732 is the number of Devotionals that were shared (forwarded) from our Facebook page.

Other Social Media Followers – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
1,987 is the number of Devotional Followers we have, combined, on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Top 10 Countries: USA, Philippians, India, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Great Britain, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana



I love to get thoughts of God everyday as I am all alone here pursuing Masters in Engineering in Product Development and Industrial Design.  SWEDEN

Thank you for daily devotions I have realized I need Jesus more and more daily your daily devotions will be of help. ZIMBABWE

I am highly delighted to have known this Media Forum, “thought of God” for it has tremendously facilitated my spiritual growth in no small measure. NIGERIA

Thank you for the gospel of the Lord and the accompanying prayer, which I prayed this morning.

A great friend of mine sent me some of your daily devotional thoughts about two years ago and I never opened to read them. She passed away a month ago. When I noticed them to day in my email box today, I became curious to see the contents of the emails.

My life has really changed by following these Daily Thoughts. I have more confidence as a Christian in this generation. God bless you and expand your Ministry. KENYA

THOUGHTS & COMMENTS on the Articles

I thank God for leading me to this website that is so informative. I learn a lot daily about God and my relationship with God is getting stronger. SOUTH AFRICA

I have really learnt something from the quiet time most especially the confession part as now I feel so relieved that I am no longer carrying any heavy burden on my shoulders. I will even be able to share this with friends and colleagues so they seek the kingdom of God. BOTSWANA

I am having my struggles when I came across this reading.  Thank you for lightening my burden.  I realized that I’m directing my own life and not trusting God to do it for me. PHILIPPINES

Thank you so much for all your articles they’re so helpful to my soul. SOUTH AFRICA

Thank so much for sharing such an important message, surely God will bless you. Am also going through a lot of rejections and struggles until am almost giving up. KENYA

I’m a seminarian. I’m really satisfied with the way that I choose (the priesthood). But sometimes, I know myself fell so hard in the connection with God in praying. Thanks to these ways in praying which you supplied, I have been fulfilled and enlightened. Please help me more by the coming articles. VIETNAM

This is helpful… I need prayer and I want to understand and know that God is listening to me while I pray. Thank you for sharing this and I am blessed by this page. Have a good day today and God bless you always. SWAZILAND

Thank you so much for this powerful. Help me to follow Jesus Christ as my source of all the sins – anger, hatred, forgive and forget and never to recall the past. PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Thank you for your guidance on how to read the Bible. I will also need more guidance as we move on as I desire to know God. Be blessed. KENYA

Thank you so much for the effort, time, energy and knowledge for these meaningful ideas you have provided for me in How to Have a Quiet Time. As a Christian having a quiet time has been my weakness, I focus always on my job not even keeping time for simple prayer a day, may the Almighty God have mercy on me and give me strength to serve and love him as my creator. LIBERIA

Lately going through lots of stress. I am a believer. But in my busy schedule I sometimes forget to remember Him. Subconscious level I have full faith in Him. Because whatever I have achieved in life is through Him. But reading this today while sitting in emergency department of my hospital I felt a reassurance that He is there for me always and whatever is happening today or will happen tomorrow in my life it’s by his guidance. And I should not doubt it at all. INDIA

I really appreciate your effort, you always inspire me through the word of God may God continue to strengthen you. NIGERIA

Thank you so much for all your articles they’re so helpful to my soul. ZIMBABWE

Thank you for your guidance to have time with God. May God bless you. KENYA

In my quest to know God, I found your site. I am worried about my lack of concentration during prayers. NIGERIA

I literally found this amazing and I am looking forward to learn more about God. NAMIBIA

This scripture is very helpful to change my life because I reread it but I wasn’t getting the real meaning but through this experience I learned how to lose one’s life and how to regain it through helping others. Be blessed. RWANDA

Hi there! I love everything I read here, keep on sending me whatever you have. PAKISTAN

Be blessed men of God you are enlightening my eyes I think God has a good future for us.  KENYA

Thank you so much Max Lucado. Your sharing from the word of God truly brings in new revelation and thank you for sharing East from West, God wants you. I am blessed to know that the journey is indefinite and that God’s forgiveness of sin is irreversible. PAPAU NEW GUINEA

I am happy to read the article and full of new learning about of marriage and loving relationship. I will be grateful if Get more topics and discussion in this side regularly. BANGLADESH

I am so grateful to God for your guideline teachings on having quiet time with God. OMAN

I felt it was the end of the world ’cause I’ve been lonely since my childhood, but learning that even Jesus Christ was lonely I feel better. LESOTHO

It’s wonderful and exciting reading, you have just help me to observe quiet time. NIGERIA

I have learnt how to pray for my husband which I never knew before. SOUTH SUDAN

Thanks for helping people like me, it’s really nice knowing that there is someone somewhere who love to help people by spreading the word of GOD. PHILIPPINES


I would love to know God personally and I just prayed the prayer, thank you. ZAMBIA

I liked the attitude of being fully committed to the same plan and that of cooperative, instead of competitive. I thank you for such high spirited message. SWAZILAND

It has given me a momentum to kick off on my journey of life. new beginnings. KENYA

I said the prayer. My wife and myself, we are ready to make it work and build a strong union.  We will appreciate and be glad with every help we can get. NIGERIA

Really enlightening and I receive Christ totally turning to God from self (repentance) and trusting Christ to come into my life to forgive my sins and to make me what He wants me to be. ZIMBABWE

I really felt the presence of Our Lord when praying! URAGUAY

I have purposely prayed the prayer as I want to re-commit and re-surrender my life to Jesus. I want to grow to love God the Father more and deeper in my life. PAPAU NEW GUINEA

After reading and praying I feel relieved and it ease the pain I have. PHILIPPINES

Please I want my life should be control led by our lord Jesus Christ. GHANA

Thank you for posting your story. I am a Christian too and have depression but sometimes I feel like God has turned his back on me. But now you gave me hope that he is always there for me and has always been. SOUTH AFRICA

I am going thru a tough marital problem, and after reading this article, When Your Husband Has an Affair was like an answer to my prayers, just exactly what I needed to hear and know. coz I am going thru the same experience. and with the prayer, lifts my Spirit, to know that God is still in control. thank you so much, so encouraging and gives me hope to Put my trust and faith in God. I will never stop praying. PAPAU NEW GUINEA

I am thankful for this article and for the prayer. I am looking forward to trusting God with all my heart and leaning not on my own understanding (relinquishing control of my life to God). Would love to hear more from you. Be blessed.       KENYA

Yes, I need God to direct my marriage, I have been self-centered, I’ve recognized it and I want that help. TRINIDAD

Thank you for encouraging me to have a holy spirit leading life I therefore ask you to continue giving us this word of life that save our spirit, soul and body from evilness of the devil. RWANDA

Very inspiring, energizing…spiritually uplifted, and the faith to God that my sins are forgiven as promised and my life filled by Gods’ Holy Spirit and remain within me. PHILIPPINES

Thank you once again for you great contribution through your prayers and guidance. I am happy that God has forgiven my sins and I can now feel his presence in my new life. God bless you. I will appreciate for more guidance. Be blessed. KENYA

I’m pleased to have a brand new encounter with God this morning through this website , I’m a severe backslider and need spiritual resuscitation or I’m dead in hell, please help me Jesus!!!!!!!!!! NAMIBIA

To God be the glory I have pray this prayer and I have found a change in my marriage life, thank you. NIGERIA

I prayed this prayer and I can feel some faith rebuilding deep-down in my spirit. LESOTHA

Wonderful prayer I felt better now. Relaxed. thank you for the prayers. Pray for me too. Pray for My job etc. INDIA

I am a 38 year old alcoholic lesbian woman who has been like this since I was 14 years, I got no kids but this year, this month, a week and half days, I decided to follow Jesus as my savior because of all the problems I am facing now. I do have a friend who also lives like this and she is the one who recommended me to this page this morning, we both have decided to follow Christ, and we encourage each other to work hard and become even more closer to God through Jesus Christ. Amen. BOTSWANA

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