Fully Surrender to the Lord

by Hope Tshuma Share page

My heart felt so heavy in my chest, I looked around all I could see was life moving forward

I spent sleepless nights, wondering and thinking, thinking and wondering

My days brought nothing, but sorrows of life

When will my day come? When will you shine on me?

I looked back and regretted over missed opportunities

Little did I know that with you Lord, you direct my step?

The day you opened my eyes I saw for the first time

The mountains that have been on my way are just anthills now

The mist that have been on my way evaporated as you shined

With might and courage I soldiered on through life’s hardships

The storms in my life all soon cleared

I could see the bright clear blue crystal sky

With wings like an eagle I soared above the storm

Because I know that my Lord liveth, there is nothing He cannot do

There is nothing that God does not know

One day I know that with the Lord I will triumph

Because God is love, God endures forever, God is eternity

~ ~ ~ ~

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