Pilate's Wife - Easter Poem
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            Just then as he was presiding over the court, Pilate’s
wife sent him this message: Leave that good Man alone;
for I had a terrible nightmare concerning him last night.

Matthew 27

Fear gripped her with an icy hand on her throat.  She
could not make her husband listen.  She had stayed with
him at this posting, far from the social scene of the capital,
she had worn last season’s gowns, even endured that colossal
bore, Herod, when necessary.  Actually the estate on the
Mediterranean in Caesarea was more than tolerable, but she
hated Jerusalem. 

What a terrible choice!
Disagreeing with your husband
Raising a warning voice
because of a dream.

Not relevant of course,
this is business, it seems.

You needn’t have bothered your pretty head
nor worried about what the crowd said.

Though you knew
this trial was all wrong,
condemning in the night
shouting in the throng.

Perhaps you pled with tears one final moment,
spilling all your fears on his Roman robe.

You didn’t understand,
his job was on the line.

No time now for remorse,
maybe later, another time…..
after the lashings, after the Cross,
after the darkness, after the Tomb.

You feared all was lost.

Pilate washed his hands of this,
pronounced no guilt found.

Did he ever recognize his own?

Did you ever dream again?

Matthew 27

~ ~ ~ ~

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Used with permission by Joyce Carr Stedelbauer from her book “WHO ROLLED THE STONE?

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