He Kept Me
Written By: Margaret C Mullings Share page

He kept me when
I attempted to take
Away my own life...
Thinking no one even
Cared and life was not
Worth living...divinely
He intervened and lovingly
Held me in His arms of love.
He said..." My child you
Have a purpose and a destiny
to fulfill....you are My
Beloved. "

He kept me when I was
Too weak to go on.... giving
Me booster shots of His
Grace and Love.... injecting
Me with His strength to
Sustain me!

He kept me and imparted
His wisdom, knowledge, and
Understanding demonstrating
His word.....now my life is no
Longer mine....it is Jesus Christ
Who now lives and reigns on
The throne of my heart...it is
All because He kept me!
Thank You Abba Father
For keeping me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Margaret C Mullings: A unique woman with a passion for the presence of God. She also has a passion for hurting souls. She is anencourager to the body of Christ. A prayer warrior, song writer and playwrightwith a new found love for the performing Arts. Margaret is the wife of PastorPaul G Mullings and the mother of four children, Godfrey, Ene', Garet, and Nia.

Her books include  SEEDS OF HOPE

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