God's Love
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God's love through Jesus Christ
Is the rock of my Salvation,
I do not have to be afraid
Even though my enemies are all around me,
For I know He will fight for me.
God's love cradles me and fine
Tunes my every care!
In moments of weakness and despair,
God's word reminds me of His love.
When I'm hard pressed by my
Circumstances, and situations.....going
In the wrong direction....His love
Divinely intervenes.
I am forever grateful for God's love,
Which He so freely bestows upon me
Reminding me of just how frail I am...
I ask Him for His wisdom, and for Him
To enlighten my pathway!
God's love is so potent I cannot live
Without His love!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Margaret C Mullings: A unique woman with a passion for the presence of God. She also has a passion for hurting souls. She is anencourager to the body of Christ. A prayer warrior, song writer and playwrightwith a new found love for the performing Arts. Margaret is the wife of PastorPaul G Mullings and the mother of four children, Godfrey, Ene', Garet, and Nia.

Her books include SEEDS OF HOPE

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