Once in My Lifetime
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Once In My Lifetime

My bones worn out, my body failed me when I harbored my sins
I found no pleasure in things I did, the world became very bitter for me
But I knew that, You watched everything I did
I couldn’t open up my heart to You, my sins weighed heavy on me
I thought my sins were too big for you to comprehend
I searched and wandered about hoping to forget but all that was in vain

I spent sleepless night as my mind drifted from place to place
Then from place to situation from situation
Nights became unfavorable for me, I became restless
Sin ate me up, sin made my world bitter, sin broke me down 
As the day broke I became weary and my heart ached with the pains I bore

I found no joy in things I engaged in, when I laughed, it was pretence
Days became very gloomy and dark for me
Each moment I pondered on the sad song of sins
My soul became weary and heavily burned until I met You
When You touched my heart everything turned dramatically
When I confessed my sins to You, You cleansed me
You lifted me up and took my burden away
You restored all the times I spent idling around

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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