Caiaphas' Servant - Easter Poem
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Caiaphas' Servant

When Judas betrayed Jesus in the garden on that
black night Peter slashed off the right ear of the High
Priest’s servant. But Jesus said:

Don’t resist anymore. And he touched the place where the
man’s ear had been and restored it.
Luke 22

This was the last miracle of Jesus while He was on
earth. From changing water into wine at the wedding in
Cana to an instant healing in a dark garden the Lord was
always concerned for others and their needs.


The slashing off of your ear
barely stung
so swift was Peter’s sword,
anger in the face of injustice,
yet the healing touch of Jesus
seared your mind,
cauterized your thinking as you escorted Him
to the illegal trial.

Only God can heal,
can give new life.
This man allowed his hands to be bound.
his healing hands.
Could he be the Hosanna of God.
the longed for Messiah,
as the crowd had shouted,
waving palms as if a King were coming?

Your head throbbed like thunder
as you led him away.
If tears of knowing
washed your face,
You were the last to be eternally healed before
the Great Physician’s hands were pierced.

I wonder, did Van Gogh ever read of you,
long for the Resurrection’s healing touch
when he poured out his
blue, blue soul
into God’s starry, starry night?

John 18

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Used with permission by Joyce Carr Stedelbauer from her book “WHO ROLLED THE STONE?

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