Barabbas - Easter Poem
by Joyce Carr Stedelbauer Share page


Pilate called together the chief priests and other Jewish
leaders, along with the people and announced his verdict:

You have brought this man to me – I have examined him
thoroughly and find him innocent.  Luke 23 Then Pilate
went out again to the people and told them:  He's not
guilty of any crime.  But you have a custom of asking me to
release someone from prison each year at Passover.  So if
you want me to, I will release the “Kng of the
Jews.’ But they screamed back, No, not this man but
Barabbas!  And he released Barabbas, the man in prison
for insurrection and murder.  Luke 23

The evidence was overwhelming.  The trials, starting
in the middle of the night, were illegal by their own law.
The witnesses were contradictory.  He was betrayed.  Nothing
was found to be true in the accusations.  But the will of
the people swayed the mind of Pilate until he turned Jesus
over to the voracious crowd and washed his hands, seeking
to wash away his own guilt.  But what of Barabbas?


Barabbas, where did you go
suddenly freed from death row?

Cowering under a filthy hood,
hiding in the “crucify” crowd
stood gazing up at Him
who knew no sin.

Did a nail not stab your heart,
understanding He bled your part
of punishment due?

Barabbas, was your mouth not dry
when He thirsted, cried,

Did you not consider your dirty hands,
murderer, prisoner,
when crimson bands of blood
crowned His brow;
offering opportunity to bow?

You slipped through the mocking crowd –
a serpent’s son –
wrapped your enameled skin in a stinking shroud.

Barabbas, we hear of you no more,
slithering through death’s door.
Matthew 27

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Used with permission by Joyce Carr Stedelbauer from her book “WHO ROLLED THE STONE?

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