Is it Worth it?
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For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise” (1 Chronicles 16:25).

We were having dinner. She asked all kinds of questions about what it was like being a wife of the president of Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada for over 28 years. One of the questions she asked me was, “Was it worth it?” Good question.

We had left the world of business and entered into an unfamiliar leadership role - that of directing a fledgling Christian organization and it had grown to over 500 on staff. We were now in a fish bowl, with expectations of what we should be and what we should do. How uncomfortable. Our four children, then aged 6 to 13, were subject to some criticism, but, thankfully, many others were faithful intercessors.

Was it worth it to give up being equal peers with our friends in the business world to now being on the outside? Was it worth the fact that I could no longer afford the expensive clothes I was accustomed to wearing? Was it worth having my husband travel so much of the time? People were always asking, “Is he away again?” Was it worth the times of misunderstanding and malignment?

As I was later reflecting on those questions, I remembered a message I heard by Helen Roseveare, a doctor and missionary in Africa. She talked about this very question and she had a great answer. She said the question should not be, “Is it worth it?” the question should be, “Is He worth it?” Put this way, the answer is a no-brainer. Of course, Christ is worth it!

Nothing can compare to the privilege of knowing Him and making Him known. Nothing can compare with the peace you have when you know you are in the center of His will. There is nothing more satisfying than being used as His messenger to introduce thousands of people to Him and disciple and train them. Life has been so exciting. God has opened so many doors, answered so many prayers and provided all the resources we needed. He provided many friends, pray-ers and co-laborers.

Was it worth it? Yes! He is worthy!

Father, You are worthy! We willingly submit to being Your bond-servants. You are everything we need and You satisfy our deepest desires. Thank You for giving us the privilege to serve You! Amen.

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