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Guilt Living


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Into Your hand I commit my spirit; You have redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.”  Psalm 31:5

Esther was running out of time.  The doctor pronounced her condition terminal.
When Alice dropped by to see her, Esther blurted out,
I’m afraid of what comes after I die!  God can’t forgive what I’ve done!”
Alice prayed silently before responding.
Sometimes it’s easier for us to feel guilty than forgiven.
Maybe you need a new reason for living.”

Alice gently shared a story of a judge who stepped down from the bench.
He took upon himself the sentence that the guilty man deserved.
Alice explained that Christ’s death paid the penalty for Esther’s wrongdoing.
She was guilty. But God loved her so much He provided a way for her to be forgiven.
Esther trusted Jesus for His forgiveness and was no longer afraid of death.

Now my friend, how about you?

By Vonette Bright


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