Second Chance

by Joshua Lim

Everybody deserves a second chance. Hatred in your heart will only bring death.
Be slow to anger and judgment, or judgment shall come upon you.

Always care for one another. Love others as you would love yourselves.
Have a caring and loving heart, just like Jesus and reach out to others.
Be compassionate towards others. Don’t judge a person by their looks.
Go and preach the Gospel in His wisdom, because you must be wise
in everything you do. Be on fire for Christ.

Don’t take things for granted; be united, and don’t be easily offended,
but always give and take with one another. And have love in your own family,
and also in the church.

In your hour of need, always run to the Lord for help; cry out to Him; have faith in Him.

The Lord has given everyone the gift to hear His voice. He will speak to you if you’re willing to hear.

Hear the Lord’s voice and He will guide you.

Have faith and believe His words. Don’t be proud and think that you’re full of knowledge.

Obey His words and commandments and keep the Sabbath holy. Don’t be a Sunday Christian, but take notice of people around you in your church, and in other nations.

Many people are suffering. Count your blessings. The road to heaven is narrow;
so you have to lean on God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in whatever you do.

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6 Responses to Second Chance

  1. Alick says:

    Is the sabbath day more important than any other day?

  2. hie you said we should obey the sabbath,does it mean that it is wrong to go to church on sunday?please help im confused bcause i have been hearing this issue for quite some time now and it is really confusing me.i would aprreciate it if you reply me.thanks

  3. Lesego says:

    what is a person always hurts you and do u wrong no matter how good you are to them. How do u love a person who keeps on hurting and sabotaging you. How do you give one a second chance if they despices you?

  4. A says:

    What if someone hates you, everything about you and would like to see you die…..How will you react as a Christian to that person? This happened to me. My heart broke for I had loved that person so much……

  5. sobhi malas says:

    Hear the Lord’s voice and He will guide you.

  6. Joseph Edusei says:

    Thanks for today’s word. truely one can never succeed in whatsoever he plans but when the all knowing God is involved we will get to our destination. the book of John 1:3 make it clear that ” without him nothing was made that was made”, so in simple terms without Jesus Christ nothing is achieveable.
    for one to love and give freely he needs to have Jesus in his life. God bless you for your good words, Amen

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