Facing the Lions

by Idelette McVicker

My three-year-old has been very aware of her strength. “Feel how big my muscles are,” she says, thrusting her arm out. This morning as I was driving her to preschool, she said, “Mommy, Katie doesn’t think my muscles are big.” As we talked through it, she suddenly added, “Mommy, I can’t slay a big lion.” She connected her strength with what we’d been reading – the story of Samson who was so strong that he could kill a lion with his bare hands.

After a little thought I asked her: “Do you think you can slay a little lion?”

Sure” she said. “I can slay a little lion.”

I thought about the challenges we face in our lives – the lions that come on our path. I realized that God allows us to grow in our capacity and confidence to fight the lions. Samson started with a lion and moved on to Philistines. David learned to keep the lions and bears at bay before he faced Goliath. With every challenge we conquer, we grow in strength and capacity. We build on experience and face the new challenge, knowing that God has seen us through the previous trials.

What challenge are you facing in your life right now?
What “little lions” have you slain in your journey up to now?
How does your past experience inspire you to face your current challenge?

Thank You, God, that You grow me in my capacity and strength to face the challenges of every day. I bring my lions to You right now and I ask for the confidence and strength to conquer these new challenges. Remind me of what You have already brought me through successfully. Amen.

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4 Responses to Facing the Lions

  1. Agnes says:

    Thank you for your inspiring devotionals. Just in time for what I’m going through right now, reminds me again that God is my strength when I am weak. At this difficult time of my life I cling on to Him. I depend on so much without Him I couldn’t do anything. I pray that He will restore my health so that I can serve Him again for the rest of my life with all my strength. I believe in His promise that all things are possible.

  2. AmyC says:

    Thank You God Your Grace is sufficient for us, we children of God have confident not only to slay a little lion, but to slay a lion in any sizes, big, bigger or biggest. Amen praise and thank You Lord our Almighty God.

  3. Stephen Bernard says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I join in your prayer. God tells us that we have the Power and authority of Him through Jesus our Redeemer, yet we cower in front of imaginary and real giants. We should practice, to discard and defeat the giants at once it raises its heads, by the faith we have in our Father in heaven, who loves us with an ever lasting love, through Jesus. Praise the Lord.

    God bless you and keep you.

  4. Faith Matsina says:

    Thanks you for restoring my strength, hope and confidence in the Lord that i can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives me strength. No situation is greater than God, we are more than conquerors. God gave us authority to trample over the snakes and scorpions and to over come all the power of the enemy, nothing will harm us. This God is a great God, He never leave nor forsake us, He is our guide forever and ever. I Love this God more than anything!

    Everyday you inspire me with your wonderful scriptures, keep up the good work.

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