Morning Conversations with GodBible Study:
The Power of God's Word
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"God said. . and it was so."

Read GeneSIs 1:6-30; I Sam. 3:1-9; Rom. 8:18-23.

What Is God Saying?

Genesis is the book of "beginnings". It opens with those very words, "In the beginning." It is awesome to contemplate the power of God's simply speaking the world into being.

  • No detailed and complicated explanations,
  • no plunging us into depths that are over our heads,
  • no being tossed around in involved equations,
  • no being inundated with unfathomable scientific jargon.

God simply speaks and it is so. It is true that science makes discoveries that can only be explained in ways that are over the average head and beyond the average grasp. That's the fascination of science—it is finding out, step by step, what God planned from the beginnIng and in the beginnIng. "God said ... and it was so."

How Does This Apply To Us?

It has always been so, from the beginning through all ages, in this present hour, and down all the millennia that will come, "God says ... and it is so." This is the power sensed by the Centurion (Matt. 8:8) whose servant was paralyzed. He said to Jesus, "Only say the word and my servant will be healed." Only a word from God and all the powers of darkness fall back. Sin and sickness are no match for that re-creative, cleansing, and conquering Word. The same Word that brought generation can bring regeneration. The same Word that brought about creation can bring re-creation and a new beginning. God's Word brought order out of chaos, light out of darkness, and something out of nothing. That Word has never lost its power. He can and He wants to say that Word over the chaotic mess we have made out of life. He can and He wants to overcome the darkness of doubt and depression and discouragement. If His Word could once bring purposeful order out of meaningless void, does it not still have the power to heal the sick, bring freedom to the enslaved, give hope to the weary, and show the way home to those who are lost? "God said, and it was so." Let it be so now, for all of us. His help is very present and His Word is very powerful. Having heard His Word, we now respond in faith.

Pray With Me

God of creation, from far beyond the silence of space You have spoken. In the chambers of meditation where I am alone with my Lord, You speak. "God said." God is ever saying. It was so. It is ever so. Still within my heart my pride is determined to speak when You are speaking. Help me not to insist on being heard when I ought to be hearing. Within my heart the cry of rebellion echoes man's first great blunder, saying, God said, but it isn't so. Within my heart the faithlessness that fails to reckon with the power of God's simple Word, says, "It is so."

Help me become aware of the fact that nothing in all creation, except man in his senseless rebellion, can refuse to heed Your sovereign voice. You speak and the heavens are formed. You speak and that which was nothing exists. You speak and dawn creeps over the darkened world. As Your voice brought forth the first creation, as neither chaos nor Void nor darkness could thwart Your plan, so bring forth in me Your new creation. If You but speak, the dark tyranny of past sin will not rob me of the calm that is mine today. The suspicion that I might fail tomorrow will not hold me as a slave if I walk with You and heed Your Word. Hear the voice of my surrendered heart. Help me hear the voice of Your perfect will.

Through Him who said, "Not My Will but Yours be done." Amen.

Moving On In The Life Of Prayer

To see what God can do by the Word of His power when we are willing to listen and obey is a wonderful discovery. "Speak, Lord, for thy servant hears." Listening is the first step. but there is more. Trust the power of His creative Word. Go out in the faith that since what God said has been so, what God says will be so.

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Used with permission. From the book: First Light: Morning Conversations with God.

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