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How to Be at Peace
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Agree with God, and be at peace.” (Job 22:21)

Read: Job 22:22-29; John 16:33; Colossians 1:20.

What is God Saying?

The question is, “Can you agree with God or can’t you?   Will you agree with God, or won’t you?”  All of life is affected by how we answer that question.   Job tells us how to go about giving the right answer,  the answer that lead to peace – desired by all of us and constantly missed by many of us.

Consider these verses –

22: receive instruction.   That is His Word and the faithful exposition of His Word.   Let this instruction find its way through our minds to be stored up in our hearts. 

23 -27:  Let God be God. Not gold or silver, for the Almighty is your gold and your precious silver.

26:   He is the Source of your pleasure.   Delight yourself in Him. 

27:  Let His will be done.   You find that through prayer. 

28:   You will reap the harvest of peace.   You will make the right decisions and you will make them stick.   You will see where you are going and why.  

The lessons of this portion of Job is that we are to look beyond the wisdom of men and seek the wisdom of God.  

“Agree with God and be at peace.”

How Does This Apply To Us?

It is so simple, it is so beautiful, it is so clear, and yet, tragically, it is so often missed.

  • You can agree with God always and always be at peace.
  • You can agree with God sometimes and sometimes be at peace.
  • You can agree with God never and never be at peace.

The formula never varies.  All the hostility, all the wasteful tension, all the irrational passions that ever raised their stench from this good earth  - from the time of Cain and Abel to this moment – can be traced to this one thing:   Man, out of agreement with God, cannot be at peace with himself or with anyone else.

Pray With Me

To agree with God is to be on the road to peace and to be at peace on the road.   Let this agreement, Lord, be deep and real.   A casual, easy, hasty agreement will not do.  Give me a deep conviction, Lord, that in merely intellectual agreement with You, half-given and half-withheld, there is no assurance , and, in fact, no possibility of peace. 

To agree with God is to say You are right – right in Your assessment of my problem, right in Your offer of a solution, and right in Your ultimate purpose for my life.  Deliver me from the folly of seeking peace in any other place, in any other way, or under any other terms.

I thank You that You have made the way to agreement with You so plain. Your will is found in Your Word.  Your love is seen in Christ.   The guidance of Your Holy Spirit is always theirs who ask.

Have patience with me, Lord, that so often I find it hard to agree.  Have patience with me that so often I fail to acknowledge that You are always right and always loving. Give me the wisdom to recognize Your amazing grace. Then I shall be at peace with myself, with all others, with my world, and with God.

I will bless You, O God, for this wonderful peace so long as a breath remains in my body.   Through eternity my spirit will rejoice in the perfect peace which will then come from perfect agreement.

Through Christ who agreed with the Father’s will that I might be at peace forever. Amen.

Moving On In the Life of Prayer

Is your prayer directed toward the finding of God’s will for your life? Is everything you say and think and ask in prayer focused on the supreme desire to be in agreement with God?  It should be. That is the way prayer becomes powerful as an effective tool in life.  

Whether we are to live in disciplined freedom or in undisciplined chaos; whether we are to live a full, unfettered, expansive life or a pinched, selfish, and cramped existence; whether we are to be in a never-abating, enervating, stupid state of war with everything and everybody or “at peace” depends on how that question is answered.  

If you can say, “Yes, I choose to agree with God”; if you can say, ‘Yes, I will accept His verdict, apply His solution, adopt His plan and follow His direction” – in a word, if you can say, “Yes, I will go with God and not against Him” … if you can say that, then the rest of the verse,  “Be at peace,;  belongs to you.  

The great secret of prevailing prayer is to find the will of God and then bring yourself to agree that He is right.

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Used with permission. From the book: First Light: Morning Conversations with God.

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