God Stopped me from Stepping on a Cobra
A story of God's protection and miracles.
by Marcus of South Africa (edited by Rachel Tops) Share page

While walking from home one day on my way to find a taxicab, I felt an urge to pray for protection and called out to God. As I was walking through a weedy field with lots of tree shrubs and long grass, I heard a voice saying: "Look down at those twigs on the ground and proceed carefully." Before I could ascertain who the voice was, I saw a Rinkhals (a type of cobra). I thanked God that I saw the snake in time to walk back along another route. This is just one of many good things God has done for me; like the time I was stuck about 150km from home and God brought me back within two hours safe and sound. God loves us dearly and I am thankful to call Him my Father.

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