Pressing on Toward the Goal (for September)
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“I press on to the goal to win the prize…” (Philippians 3:14).

Mom, you actually did it. None of us thought you would get the website up by September,” Pat said enthusiastically while we were sipping our coffee at the local coffee shop.

You just kept at it, you persevered and now it is online.

At the beginning of that year the Lord began to crystallize a vision in my head and heart regarding a website for people ages 50 and older. It became my main focus for several months. I planned, developed a mission statement, discussed it with many people, did research, recruited people to contribute their stories and resources and hired writers, journalists, editors and technicians. The dream of a website for retired people began to take shape and after six months it was a reality: Retirement With a Purpose.

Since then, the Lord has given me the vision and resources to build two more websites. One targeting the audience who want to be successful and we built Secrets of Success, deadlines and most importantly, trust Him to bring in the resources. He will bring it to pass. When God gives a task, He provides the resources, but we have to be in motion (with our attitudes and actions) to receive the resources. And then we built the website:

Do you have dreams? Here are seven things to remember as you pursue the dream God has put on your heart: God provides the passion (Nehemiah) without it you will fail.

  1. God provides the determination (Philippians 2:13) this is necessary if you want to accomplish your goals.
  2. Determine to work with integrity (Exodus 20: 1-17) if you don’t, your victory will not be satisfying.
  3. Work with a team (1 Corinthians 12:12) you can’t do it alone.
  4. Be teachable (James 1:19a) by being open to feedback and sometimes, criticism.
  5. Determine your attitude about life (Philippians 4:4) positive or negative.
  6. Balance is important (Philippians 4:5) losing your health or family is not worth the victory.

September is often the time of year people set new goals. Summer holidays are over (at least in Canada and the United States of America) and the children are back in school and we have a little more time to think about our dreams, goals and projects. I encourage you to go for it - trust God. If you need more detailed help, go to the Related Articles below.

Father, we all desire to hear You say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Help us manage our time, life and thought-life in such a way that we are able to do those unique tasks You created us to do. Amen.

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