Missions Trip? Not Now!
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“As for what was sown among the thorns, this is he who hears the Word, but the cares of the world and pleasure and delight and glamour and deceitfulness of riches choke and suffocate the Word, and it yields not fruit” (Matthew 13:22).

We were getting ready to leave for Costa Rica for a two week JESUS film project.

I wished the weather at home had been cold and rainy, which is normal for March. But it was so nice and warm with a blue sky, singing birds, and daffodils in full bloom. Beautiful! I was going to miss two weeks of the most pleasant time of year.

So I told the Lord, “I really don’t want to go right now.” 

He answered, “I left my beautiful home for thirty-three years. Can’t you leave your home willingly for two weeks?” 

Needless to say, I was terribly ashamed of my “pleasure of the eyes” attitude. I repented.

When we arrived in Costa Rica, the weather was warm and the sky blue. I had forgotten about the vibrant colours of the bougainvillea. These bright, purple, pink and rose flowers were everywhere, and every time I saw one, my heart was filled with joy.

But even more satisfying was showing the movie JESUS to the people in the poor areas of the city.  Hundreds of men, women, and children came to watch and hear the true story of Jesus Christ. They stood for hours listening, just like they did when Jesus was on earth. Some received Him with tears of joy and some walked away thoughtfully.

I recognized once again that when we disobey God because of the “pleasures of this world,” we miss God’s blessings.

God, help me to believe that Your plan for me is always best plan.

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